Christmas is for Children Sponsors
Adopt a family or two!
Depending on how many people work in your office, the company can sponsor 1 - 100 kids.
  • • Donate money - $100 will give an Angel a very Merry Christmas!
  • • Donate time to collect food and gifts that will go to our Angels and their families
  • • Sponsor a Food Drive in your office - we fill 1,200 baskets of food!
  • • 1,200 Laundry baskets @ $3.50 each = $4,200
  • • 1,200 Frozen Turkeys @ $12.00 each = $14,400
  • • 1,200 Aluminum Foil Turkey Pans @ $3.00 each = $3,600
  • • 1,200 Gallons of Milk @ $3.00 each = $3,600
  • • 1,200 Loaves of Bread @ $1.75 each = $2,100
  • • Food company sponsors donate 1,200 boxes/bags of food they specialize in
  • • Pick up the tab for our printing and postage for the year $2,500
  • • Your generous donation will give you exposure on our website on the Corporate Sponsors Page.

You will also be listed on all printed materials that lists sponsors, including a sign at this year’s food drive, Saturday, December 1
9, 2015.

Does your company have a good idea?
Contact us at
CIFC or call Trisha Rae at 817-723-7100
Visit our Donation Page to join our elite group of Corporate & Community Sponsor .  Thank you for your continued support!  
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Girl Scouts
Southlake DPS
Boy Scouts
Kids Matter International
Southlake Hockey Team
Carroll Elementary
Kroger - Southlake
St. Laurence Episcopal Church
Carroll High School
J. Tiger Martial Arts
St. Johns Unleashed, Southlake
Carroll Senior high School
Mayor Laura Hill
National Charity League
Crown of Life Lutheran School
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Walnut Grove Elementary School
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Westlake Fire Department
Durham Intermediate School
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